FROM JULY 10, 2023


Experience the assembly of a TRIQBRIQ shell live!

With the construction of our multi-storey residential building in Frankfurt, you currently have the opportunity to experience the functionality and advantages of the TRIQBRIQ solid wood construction system directly on site.

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Construction of a multi-storey TRIQBRIQ house

A multi-story TRIQBRIQ residential building is currently under construction in Frankfurt. The individual wooden building blocks of our system that are used here are manufactured with high precision by robots and assembled into a solid system at the construction site. In this way, we enable the safe and resource-saving use of calamity and waste wood in the shell of the building. By the way, at the end of their useful life, our wooden building blocks – the BRIQs – can be deconstructed according to type and transferred to a new design. Thanks to the use of the TRIQBRIQ system, the shell of this building is therefore absolutely sustainable, circular and healthy to live in.

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