Perspectives on the future of building

Vonovia and the Fraunhofer Alliance hosted the kick-off conference ≫Perspectives on the Future of Building≪ at the Design Offices in Berlin on 23.03.22.

Representatives from politics, science and the construction industry – including our Head of Public Relations Lewin Fricke – discussed the perspectives on the future of building. The conference marks the start of a dialogue and work process on sustainable building that will become even more concrete over the next few months. On 23 November 2022, the final results will be presented at the Futurium Berlin.

Keynote speeches from politics and science

The event started with keynote speeches by Min.- Dirig. Lothar Fehn Krestas (BMWSB) and Prof. Dr. Torsten Zuberbier (Charité). The politician stated that we must ≫think in terms of lifecycles≪ when producing building materials and buildings, and that grey emissions are becoming a focus for legislators, particularly in perspective of future funding programmes. One of the contributions from the scientific side was that health issues such as allergens will also play a more important role in the construction industry in the future.

Vonovia initiates Innovation-Pitch

The Chief Representative of Vonovia SE, Konstantina Kanellopoulos, used the event to initiate an innovation pitch in which startups and established players from the construction and housing industry will have the opportunity to present their innovative strength in a pitch on 18 May 2022. We are of course joining in and invite all other thought in the construction industry to also sign up under the following link:

Four workshops and one goal

The presentations were followed by four simultaneous workshops on the topics of ≫Production of Building Materials≪, ≫Renewable Resources≪, ≫Circular Economy≪ and ≫Supply Chains and Logistics≪.

Lewin Fricke was of course involved in the topic of the production of building materials and explained the advantages of cicular timber construction based on calamity wood. The combined results of the individual workshops were then presented to all participants by Vonovia employees in a subsequent panel discussion.

The most important common point here is certainly the goal that we need a climate-neutral construction sector and building stock by 2045.

With this goal and the upcoming workshop dates in mind, the moderator Kerstin Pettenkofer dismissed the guests into the Berlin afternoon sun.