»Promote and demand«: What policy changes do we need for sustainable construction?

These and other questions were discussed by our public relations officer Lewin Fricke in the German Bundestag on March 24, 2022. He accepted the invitation of the two members of the Bundestag Niklas Wagener MdB and Tessa Ganserer MdB, Bündnis 90/Die Grünen, to explain the advantages of building with calamity wood together with their scientific staff.

Forestry topics in focus

In the office of Niklas Wagener MdB, forest policy spokesman for Bündnis 90/Die Grünen, Lewin Fricke exchanged views with his scientific assistant Lorenz Berger.

The focus was particularly on forestry aspects. Together, the discussion partners came to the conclusion that it is important to sensibly transfer wood from calamities into high-yield value chains. At the same time, it is important not to neglect to renaturalize the damaged areas in the stands under the aspects of environment, climate and animal protection.

This idea is in line with our internal guidelines and reflects the basic principles of our TRIQBRIQ business model. Timber construction cannot function without sustainable forest conversion.

Need for optimization of the GEG and the KrWG

At the second meeting, Lewin Fricke talked to Tessa Ganserer MdB. She is a member of the Parliamentary Advisory Council for Sustainable Development (PBnE) for her parliamentary group Bündnis 90/Die Grünen. As a qualified forestry expert, Ganserer is a proven expert on all topics relating to forests and their economic use. In her function as chairwoman of the PBnE, Ms. Ganserer was not only interested in forestry issues, but also in questions concerning possible optimization potentials in the Building Energy Act (GEG) and the Closed Substance Cycle Waste Management Act (KrWG).

Lewin Fricke emphasized in particular the points that could be improved from the point of view of a construction start-up.

Tessa Ganserer MdB, Copyright: Bündnis 90/Die Grünen im Bundestag, Kaminski

New Bundestag building: built with climate protection in mind

In line with the topics of the meetings, both appointments took place in the new Bundestag building »Luisenblock West«. You can’t see it from the outside of the new building in the government district, but it is actually made of wood.

»In the context of various events, I have already heard presentations about this exciting construction project. I am very pleased that the Bundestag administration has decided to have this innovative project built using an absolutely efficient modular timber construction method,« says Lewin Fricke about the building, which was completed in record time.

German Parliament building Luisenblock West
As a manufacturer of a timber construction system, we are of course very pleased that these exciting appointments took place in a timber building. We would like to thank the political representatives for their time and are confident that politics will find a healthy mix of »promoting and demanding« in the coming years and support circular material innovations and their scaling along the way.

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