TRIQBRIQ at Heuer Dialog

Our vision is a profound change in the construction industry towards holistic sustainable building and living. This month, our CEO Max Wörner, TRIQBRIQ inventor Werner Grosse and our Head of PR & PA Lewin Fricke were guests at Heuer Dialog GmbH events twice to present our innovation TRIQBRIQ and our ideas for achieving climate goals. […]

Be part of the 1st digital specialist forum “Building Envelope in Focus”

Editors of the Gebäude Energieberater and the Glaswelt organize a specialist forum: Presentation of the holistic, sustainable pilot project by TRIQ-GmbH Boris Palmer, mayor of Tübingen gives a keynote speech At the digital specialist forum “Building Envelope in Focus” on March 9th, 2021, you can get information on the important developments in sustainable building from […]

TRIQBRIQ as a climate-neutral basis for the TRIQ pilot project

The TRIQ pilot project in Stuttgart-Feuerbach combines resource-saving construction with future-oriented living concepts. An environmentally friendly apartment building that integrates sustainability into all areas of everyday life is to be built on a property of almost 700 square meters. 100% recyclable buildings with TRIQBRIQ 100% recyclable materials are used in the construction of the building […]

TRIQBRIQ in the German Bundestag

Presentation of the TRIQBRIQ solid wood construction system and exchange about general building policy conditions. Last Tuesday, TRIQ GmbH was invited as a digital guest in the German Bundestag. Max Wörner, founder and CEO of TRIQ GmbH as well as Lewin Fricke, head of public relations were invited to present their holistic sustainable housing concept […]