TRIQBRIQ as a climate-neutral basis for the TRIQ pilot project

The TRIQ pilot project in Stuttgart-Feuerbach combines resource-saving construction with future-oriented living concepts.

An environmentally friendly apartment building that integrates sustainability into all areas of everyday life is to be built on a property of almost 700 square meters.

100% recyclable buildings with TRIQBRIQ

100% recyclable materials are used in the construction of the building – concrete and cement are consistently avoided. Instead, the pilot project relies on the specially developed and patented TRIQBRIQ timber construction system for shell construction. Regional damaged and storm wood is used for TRIQBRIQs, which saves long transport routes, costs, and CO2.

We currently want to realize the first fully sustainable residential building in Germany. To do this, we check all building materials for their recyclability and CO2 balance and completely do without cement and concrete. Instead, we rely on TRIQBRIQS as a climate-neutral alternative. 
Max Wörner – Founder and CEO of TRIQ GMBH

A responsible and sustainable energy supply also adds to the protection of the climate. Photovoltaic systems and innovative hydrogen technologies create a completely energy self-sufficient and climate-neutral building.

In addition, TRIQ establishes a closed water cycle management system: rainwater is collected and processed into service water in a filter system. Every household produces its own drinking water with the help of a reverse osmosis system. The gray water used is then converted back into service water. Therefore, the water cycle of nature is optimally used for everyday needs.

Comprehensive living concepts support the residents in living more sustainably. At TRIQ, the community is very important: Various sharing offers, such as the shared use of e-cars and e-bikes, are provided. TRIQ also offers a communal garden. With the help of regional gardeners, they produce their own food. In addition, there will be home deliveries with regional and healthy products, which will support local farmers.

With its well-thought-out concept, TRIQ is the first holistically sustainable residential project in Germany. With a focus on the TRIQBRIQ timber construction system, climate targets can also be achieved in the construction sector.