TRIQBRIQ in the German Bundestag

Presentation of the TRIQBRIQ solid wood construction system and exchange about general building policy conditions.

Last Tuesday, TRIQ GmbH was invited as a digital guest in the German Bundestag. Max Wörner, founder and CEO of TRIQ GmbH as well as Lewin Fricke, head of public relations were invited to present their holistic sustainable housing concept to the CDU/CSU parliamentary group in the Parliamentary Advisory Council for Sustainable Development (PBnE).

The core element of the concept is the specially developed TRIQBRIQ wood construction system. The system allows the use of damaged and storm wood as a building material and thus is a very climate-friendly building material.

TRIQBRIQ campaigns for sustainable building in the Bundestag

This was followed by a discussion on the general regulations that are currently making sustainable building even more difficult. TRIQ GmbH requests that the Building Energy Act (GEG), which recently came into force, should be adjusted, particularly in regard to the life cycle analyzes of buildings.

The energy consumed and the emissions emitted (gray energy / gray emissions) in the manufacture of building materials and buildings must be taken into account in the legislation. Above all, it is impossible to understand why concrete and cement are still politically considered harmless building materials. After all, the production of cement alone accounts for around 6-8 % of global CO2 emissions. In comparison, the TRIQBRIQ construction system binds CO2 and thus makes an active contribution to climate protection, added Wörner.

The parliamentarians noted that the GEG has to take the construction phase of buildings into account. Kai Whittaker, a member of the Bundestag and chairman of the CDU/CSU parliamentary group in the PBnE, moderated the digital session. He suggested that named aspects should also be transferred to the municipal level to further promote sustainability in the construction sector, for example in the form of pilot projects.

About TRIQ GmbH

TRIQ GmbH stands for holistic and sustainable building and living. It is the company’s goal to literally unite ecology, economy, and socio-culture under one roof. Therefore, TRIQ GmbH relies 100 % on recyclable materials in the construction of its buildings and consistently does without concrete and cement. The core element of this construction method is the specially developed and patented timber construction system TRIQBRIQ. This system makes it possible to use damaged and storm wood as a building material and thus is a climate-friendly material. In combination with electricity from photovoltaic systems and innovative hydrogen technology, energy self-sufficient and climate-neutral buildings are created. Following the construction process, TRIQ GmbH establishes living concepts that use a circular economy and digital monitoring to support residents in living more sustainably and in a more environmentally friendly way.