“Four alternative building materials – the future of construction?”

An innovative idea that combines the advantages of robotics and timber construction,” said Udo Cordts-Sanzenbacher, Managing Director of BNP Paribas Real Estate, in an online article about TRIQ GmbH’s sustainable solid wood construction system.

BNP Paribas Real Estate is one of the leading German and international property consultants offering its clients comprehensive services for over 60 years.

The article takes a look at four alternative building materials that have the potential to change the construction industry for good. TRIQ GmbH’s TRIQBRIQ solid wood building system is described as an innovation that “goes one step further”. After all, German forests have been suffering from insect infestation and drought for many years.

TRIQ GmbH embraces this and uses only for the production of TRIQBRIQs. With the help of robot technology, the wood is processed into TRIQBRIQs within 50 seconds (thanks to technical optimization of the equipment, now even within 15 seconds). With this revolutionary technology, buildings can be constructed faster, more cost-effectively, and above all, more sustainably than conventional houses made of concrete.

So, one thing is clear: TRIQBRIQ is the future of construction.